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At Growtech, we help you by eliminating unproductive sales and increasing the number of successful sales! Our customers experience one of the highest conversion rates and reduced costs per sale. We do so by constantly crafting the best strategy and focusing on trustworthy lead generation processes.
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With our service, we aim to boost your business success by focusing on human-curated, custom B2B contact and account data. At GrowTech, we present brands to their relevant target group by employing a broad spectrum of interdependent strategies and uniting them to form operative and effective multi-channel pipelines. A precise targeting starts by developing your ideal customer profile and consistent usage of it in our lead generation and appointment setting processes. Most importantly, we do so by hand-picking every lead and keenly qualifying them to ensure that each lead can contribute to your business ROI.

GrowTech – as good
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GrowTech’s lead research team is constantly working on identifying the decision-maker within your target organization. We are able to provide you with supplementary information about your prospects and possibilities, giving your business a competitive advantage! In addition, all leads come through a diligent quality assurance process before they make it into your sales funnel in order to ensure high-quality output for your company. Our efficient lead generation process is focused on identifying your business leads and ensuring a more effective appointment setting.

The synergy of strategy and efficient results

GrowTech offers omnichannel solutions to small and medium-sized B2B SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IT businesses that are looking for growth possibilities, all over the globe!

Our mission is to cause predictable growth for our exclusive partners by generating high-quality leads, and it will be delivered to your company with our effective pipeline services and a passionate team of professionals


What we can do for you


GrowTech’s lead research team identifies your ideal customer profile, buyer persona and recognizes your value proposition. Then, we thoroughly source every lead, keeping in mind your ideal customer profile. We focus on manual, human-centric input and involve automation tools that help us achieve flat-out results. A perfect ratio of our top-notch automation tools and human effort will deliver you verified leads quickly and transparently.

B2B Appointment

GrowTech is ready to engage with your prospects via email, LinkedIn, or other relevant channels and fill your calendar with qualified appointments with your potential customers. This can range anywhere from a phone call, an online demo, or an in-person meeting at a trade show – no matter what type of an appointment it is, our sales professionals will assist you with the highest-quality appointment setting service.

Existing Accounts Enrichment

You can provide us with a list that needs extra attention, re-qualify accounts by agreed ICP criteria, find new prospects, refresh their CRM with the newest information, which can be used for further Marketing Strategy.

About Us

GrowTech is B2B lead generation company – provides performance-based digital marketing services using best practices outbound methods in the B2B market. GrowTech helps customers of high Technology companies market their business effectively, by running B2B technology programs each month to generate interest.
We determine the scope of your campaign by mainly adjusting to your specific target audience. We look at your organization and its position on the market, then move to analyze clients with whom you have had success in the past.
Once we are able to narrow down your target audience, we build lead lists. We use a combination of proprietary software and expertise to create a targeted initial list.
Our team will create engaging messaging and execute relevant multi-touch email, phone, and social outreach.
Getting to know you
Understanding our client is an essential part of strategy creation. As each client is individual, it is critical to understand what you want to accomplish - we do not make any assumptions! Looking at your goals may determine where the client’s strengths have been distributed historically.
Our team will schedule meetings with your ideal targets. We bring the opportunities, your team focuses on closing. From weekly reports to daily sheets, we keep you up to date with the campaign performance.

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Ideal Customer Profile determination
Prospect data
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5 – 8 appointments/month delivered
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500 – 1500 leads per month
Verified on-demand data
Multi-channel outreach
Template A/B testing
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Onboarding without additional fees
Bi-weekly reports
Ideal Customer Profile determination
Prospect data
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500 – 1000 high quality leads
Email deliverability over 95%
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Frequently Asked Questions
Get all the important answers from here

What's the difference between lead generation and lead qualification?

Lead generation is the process of contacting your prospective customers to generate awareness and initial interest in your business’s services or products, with the goal being to schedule a discovery call.

Lead qualification is the process of conducting discovery calls to qualify a prospect’s interest, to align their goals and challenges with the services and products that your business offers, or to disqualify the lead if their requirements do not fit your business.

What process do you follow to qualify a lead into an opportunity?

Once there is a sales lead we:

  • Liaise and arrange a call with the prospect‍
  • Conduct a discovery call and qualify whether or not there’s a real opportunity
  • Create an Opportunity Overview report
  • Handover all qualified opportunities with confirmed next steps to our clients
  • Follow up with the prospect to re-confirm and schedule the next steps

What information does each opportunity overview report contain?

Our comprehensive lead qualification process handles any initial objections while gaining a good understanding of:

  • The prospect’s business and their current situation, including their business goals and drivers ‍
  • Their upcoming projects or initiatives ‍
  • The obstacles and challenges they face in pursuit of their goals/projects ‍
  • The implication of those challenges, i.e. what does it mean for their business ‍
  • What the prospect needs ideally as a solution to those challenges ‍
  • What their decision-making process is ‍
  • Who the relevant key stakeholders are within their business ‍
  • Whether or not a budget is allocated ‍
  • What their timeline is for finding and implementing a solution

How do you represent my business without being part of my team, and without me being on the call?

Before we get started, we provide a comprehensive onboarding survey to our clients. With this, they’re able to provide an overview of their business and products/services, their ideal client profile, and the typical industry verticals their clients are established within.

Additionally, we conduct our own industry research to make sure we are ready to speak to your prospective clients on your behalf from the first day we begin working with you.

What would the next step be for one of our prospective clients, once you have held a discovery call with them?

We always determine with our clients which next-step options are available to their prospects. This way, we’re clear about what to suggest as appropriate next steps during each discovery call we conduct.

When a prospect has a valid interest, a next step will always be proposed for them to get a better understanding of the products/services provided by our respective client, and to get more in-depth answers to any outstanding questions they have.

Some examples of typical next steps are:

  • Demos ‍
  • Technical Sales Presentations ‍
  • Pricing, Quotations, Proposals ‍
  • Free Trials ‍
  • Proofs of Concept

Once we’re clear on the preferred next step options of our clients, we can clearly articulate to each of their prospects what to expect on the subsequent call/virtual meeting.

What happens if one of my prospective clients asks you technical questions, or wants to go into depth about pricing options?

We will never attempt to answer technical questions that we are not qualified to answer.

We will always respond to this type of question – and questions about pricing – with the suggestion that these topics be discussed on the next call.

These follow-up calls will then be conducted by our respective client.


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